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Win a FREE Trip to Australia! contest Australia

Next year I am embarking on my Great Escape come hell or high-water. While I am content with my life at the moment, I’m ready for something different. I want to explore the world and see where my path goes. I’ve had a tentative plan in my head for quite sometime now, but after my recent trip to Europe, I’ve begun to rethink my original plans. While I still plan to follow parts of my original plan (hola South America!), it’s just going to be pushed back a couple of years so I can take advantage of the working holiday visas in Australia and New Zealand before I age out of the opportunity. My clock is ticking!

As I was doing my research for working holiday visas I came across the really awesome contest sponsored by GoOverseas! Absolutely prefect timing! GoOverseas is partnering with 12 companies to encourage Americans and Canadians to travel to Australia on a working holiday visa. The Work and Play Contest is giving away over $25,000 worth of once-in-a-lifetime prizes so make sure you enter today!


Work and Play in Australia Contest

Unfortunately not everyone can apply for this contest. Working holiday visas are only available for 18-30 year old individuals. However, you can apply for a working holiday visa up until your 31st birthday and you have 12 months to enter the country and “activate” your visa. While working holiday visas are open for many nationalities (find out who qualifies through the Australian Visa/Immigration website), this contest is only open to Americans and Canadians.

Most contests only have grand prizes for one winner, but this contest has one grand prize and 12 runner-up prizes each worth thousands of dollars! How amazing is that?! The Grand prize winner receives:

  • Free roundtrip flight from LAX to SYD on Virgin Australia (~$2000 USD)
  • Working Holiday Visa fees covered (~$320 USD)
  • Program Fees covered or discounted (~$650 to $3000+ USD)
  • Travel Insurance provided by Guard.Me!

And the 12 runner-ups receive:

  • Working Holiday Visa fees covered (~$320 USD)
  • Program Fees covered or discounted (~$650 to $3000+ USD)
  • Travel Insurance provided by Guard.Me!
  • Bonus prizes like surf camp or a Sydney Bridge climb

Entering the contest is not hard either. You fill out some basic information about yourself like name, contact information, and nationality. You know the basics of how to contact you if you win! Then you have to answer some simple drop-down menu and selection boxes of why you want to work and play in Australia. Then the application asks you to pick your top three working holiday/work placement providers out of a list of many options. All of the options sound amazing, but you can only pick your top three. I’m sure you will find at least a few that will peak your interest in no time! Last but not least is the most important part of the application, the optional photo and essay. This is your chance to be creative so you use it because you’ll be graded on this aspect of the application!

You have until Thursday July 30th to enter the contest. So don’t waste your time and enter today!

Working Holiday Visas

Working Holiday visas are an amazing way to explore life and work in another country for extended time. Unfortunately it can be really hard to obtain a work visa in many countries across the world (I’m looking at you England!), but thankfully several countries offer American citizens aged 18 to 30 years old the opportunity to work and play in their country for up to 12 months. Australia and New Zealand are the most popular countries. Ireland and Singapore offer programs, but mostly for recent college graduates. That ship sailed awhile ago for me. 

I’ve been dreaming of visiting Australia and New Zealand for years, but the price of visiting those countries scare me to death. Twenty dollars for a hamburger?! Yikes! However, I can explore either country on a working holiday visa. A working holiday visa allows me to work for an employer up to 6 months. While some of the jobs might not be glamorous, like fruit picking, but it’s an experience that will last you a lifetime. Not to mention you can often get free room and board and save all your money to explore the vast country once your done!

The cost of living in both Oz and New Zealand are high. However, the minimum wage is also high ($17.29 in Australia) so as long as you’re smart with your money you’ll survive. There are plenty of job boards online specific for backpackers and also many companies, like those in this contest, that will help you find a job when you land. Jobs range from tour guides to bartenders to ranch hands and fruit pickers. You might even land a sweet office job in Sydney or Melbourne! The opportunities are endless.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you enter the Work and Play in Australia contest today to jumpstart your working holiday to the land Down Under!


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