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Why You Should Book a MedSailors Sailing Vacation

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MedSailors sailing holidays

Picture this. You open your eyes after a restful night of gently rocking to the small waves of the Aegean Sea. Your nose perks up with the delightful scent of sea salt and bacon frying in a pan. You hop off your bunk and throw on your swimsuit. You whisper a quick “good morning” to your skipper as you climb the ladder to the main deck pausing to take in the warm sun and the glistening turquoise waters of the Greek isles. You quietly waltz to the bow of the yacht and wave to the other boats all emerging from below decks and ready to take on another day of fun in the sun and partying until the sun comes up. As you’re about to jump into the water to wash off a long night of dancing with your new friends from across the globe, you realize you’re on the best trip of your life!

MedSailors is a sailing holiday company founded by three Kiwis with headquarters in London, England. Daniel, Jeremy, and Hamish live and breathe sailing and between the three of them they have logged decades of sailing across the globe. Since 2003 MedSailors has offered sailing holidays for 20-35 year olds in Greece, Croatia, and Turkey on yachts with qualified skippers. Their reputation has grown quickly over the years so you better book your sailing holiday soon as dates sell out fast.

Last November I booked my plane ticket to Greece with intentions of sailing the Greek islands. It was something that I’ve always dreamed of doing one day and I’m glad that I made “that one day” happen this year. I first looked into popular tour companies like Gap Adventures, Intrepid, and Contiki. While each company is well-respected and awesome in their own right, I found their tour options to be expensive. I was planning on three weeks in Europe so I didn’t want to blow my budget in the first week on the ground. By the luck of the Google gods I soon found MedSailors. After studying their website for several days I knew this was my company. I booked my sailing tour soon after.

My week of sailing with MedSailors in Greece is definitely one of the top trips I have done to date in my travels. I had an epic adventure on the Jackpot with some pretty amazing people. If you’re considering booking a sailing tour of the Greek isles (or Croatia or Turkey) then I can’t recommend MedSailors enough and here’s why you should book a MedSailors sailing vacation today.

MedSailors price
You Can’t Beat The Price

The other Greek island sailing tours I was looking into cost between $1,200 and $2,000 for a week. Granted the cruise included popular islands such as Santorini and Mykonos, but the tours didn’t include things such as food and transportation to each island was via ferries. I love being on a sailboat, which was a huge selling point for me. MedSailors offers early bird sales right before the Christmas holidays so I recommend that you take advantage of those savings. I certainly did! Also, the early and late season sails will be the cheaper options since it is the shoulder season in Greece. I booked the first sail of the year and I saved quite a bit of money. Since MedSailors is a UK-based company, prices are in pounds, which totally sucks for Americans. However, my total for the premier package came to $662.77 with the exchange rate at the time. A fraction of what the other companies wanted! Additionally, I used my Barclays Travel Card credits to “wipe out” $164.75 of the cost. Out of pocket I paid $498.02 for seven days including breakfast and lunch. We did have to pay an €80 exit fee at the marina to cover the port tax, fuel, and food. The total cost translates to about $84 USD per day, which in my opinion is a good deal. Your take away – book early and on the shoulder season dates to get the best deal!

MedSailors yacht
You’re on a Yacht

Personally I have a hard time calling our boat, the Jackpot, a yacht, because in Maine we call them sailboats. Yachts are generally very large motorized boats that only the celebrity and hedge fund owners can afford them. I’ve sailed a bit in high school and post-college but I don’t have access to a boat myself these days. The biggest selling point of MedSailors is the fact that you eat, sleep, and play on a yacht for 7 days. And you can learn how to sail for no extra fee! Living on a boat is certainly not for everyone. You’re in tight quarters with nine other people for seven days, but it is experience that I think everyone should try at least once in your life. The best nights of sleep that I have ever had in my life have been on sailboats. seriously, try it! MedSailors offers two different yacht options: the premier and the premier plus. The only different is the premier plus yachts are slightly bigger (and cost a bit more). Each boat has modern features and ipod hookups so bring your music. Our boat had some pretty killer tunes!

MedSailors skippers
The Skippers are Highly Qualified

Each MedSailors yacht has its own skipper that does all the handwork. Of course, you’re always welcome to pitch in and help navigate the yacht as well. Each skipper is a RYA Offshore Yacht Master, which requires a minimum of 50 days of at least 2500 sailing miles and a written exam. Most of the MedSailor skippers have grown up on the water racing boats so rest-assured they have years of experience. As comparison, our skipper told us that most of the skippers on the boats that work Yacht Week in Croatia only have their day license and he’s seen skippers do the stupidest things. You’re in safe hands with MedSailors.

MedSailors people world
You’ll Meet People From Around the World

My yacht contained myself, another American girl, our British skipper, 5 Kiwis, and 2 Aussies. Since MedSailors is a Kiwi-owned, UK-based company most of the travelers are generally British, Kiwi, and Aussie. One of our fellow boats contained a group of American doctors and another boat full of Canadian teachers who work in London. You’ll find most people live and work in London, but might hail from other countries. If you’re looking to meet people with sweet accents then look no further than MedSailors! I would say that Americans are generally few and far between on these sailing tours as the price to cross the pond can be expensive. I loved spending seven days learning about the Kiwi and Aussie way of life and sharing a bit of my home. You’ll definitely leave your MedSailors tour with new friends that hopefully have a couch for you to crash on in your future travels.

MedSailors Greece
You’ll Experience a Different Side of Greece

When most people think of the Greek islands, they often think of Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, and Crete. The Saronic Islands are a hidden gem. You’ll see less tourists than the more popular islands and you’ll probably save a few bucks as they are slightly cheaper than Santorini and Mykonos. The Saronic Islands are beautiful and the local Greek people are friendly and will welcome you with open arms. Over the years MedSailors has established long relationships with local business owners on the various islands leading to awesome discounts and activities for you. You won’t be disappointed with the activity options either. You can go wakeboarding, tubing, or paragliding in Poros. You can rent quad bikes or scooters on Spetses. And if you’re lucky you can see the most beautiful sunset in Greece in Hydra sipping on an ice-cold Mythos.

I can’t speak to the MedSailors Croatia and Turkey sailing holidays, but I have no doubt that they are equally amazing. MedSailors offers a lot of value for budget-friendly travelers. They welcome solo travelers like me and groups of people like the boys. You can even book your own yacht will all your friends too! I know I would love to try their Turkey sailing holiday next year. So what are you waiting for? Book your MedSailors sailing vacation today! 

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Have you done a MedSailors sailing holiday? Did you love it as much as I did?


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