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Meet Whiskr: Flight Deals for Flexible Travelers

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I love a good flight deal.

While most people will impulse buy food, clothing, or electronics, I impulse buy plane tickets. Just like any shopaholic, I love a good deal.

Several of my favorite trips abroad have been because of incredible flight deals. Azores. Mexico City. Iceland.

Most of the time I find out about flight deals through Secret Flying and The Points Guy. You need to act fast as many of the great prices sell fast.

Occasionally I can find a great flight deal through Google Search, Skyscanner, or Momondo. But, the main problem I have with flight search engines, specially Skyscanner and Momondo, is that the lowest prices are usually sold through third-party companies. I don’t always trust these companies, and I much prefer to purchase my plane tickets directly through the airline.

Enter Whiskr.

Whiskr is a search engine that searches for flight deals 24/7. Its “FlightBot” scans over 400,000 flights a day for cheap flights. Whiskr was created by George and Jamie Haskell who used to spent countless hours searching through forums, blogs, and airline websites for deals.

What Makes Whiskr Unique?

Unlike other flight deal websites, Whiskr has direct access to millions of fares and has been collecting price data for years. The FlightBot checks the data four times a day to look for new deals keeping it up-to-date and nearly real-time. On average, Whiskr has over 200 flight deals available at one time.

How Does it Work?

Whiskr is very easy to use. You can find cheap flight deals several different ways. The first is just to scroll through the options on the right side of the page. However, most people will search for deals based on their home airport. For me, that’s Boston or Portland. In the filter feature, I entered BOS as my airport. Additionally, I can filter further by price, airline, and alliance.

[img] WhiskrOnce I find a flight deal that interests me, I click on it and search for dates. Dates with the lowest prices are highlighted in green. Once you select a date, a menu with trip length will pop up. It can range from three days up to 11 days. Hit the details button, and a pop-up box will appear with the details and how to purchase the flight deal.

[img] Whiskr pricesUnlike other search engines, you can’t purchase the ticket through Whiskr nor does it give you a link out to the deal on the airline’s website. Unfortunately, sometimes you won’t find the deals available as the fares sell out fast. Another great reason to impulse buy plane tickets!

What I like About Whiskr

As I mentioned above, I prefer purchasing my plane tickets directly through the airline compared to third-party travel companies. Whiskr only searches for flight deals through major airlines that you can purchase directly through the airline website.

[img] Whiskr home airportI also like how I can save multiple “home” airports so when I log in, I immediately see flight deals for Boston or Portland.

The Fare Alerts is another excellent tool that I like. I can set alerts for my home airport to either any airport or region in the world. The alerts are either sent to me via email or text. I can set the frequency to daily or instantly when a new deal is found.

[img] Whiskr fare alertsWhat I Think Whiskr Could Do Better

While I love that you can purchase the flight deal through the airline, I wish the pop-up with all the details included a link to the airline website with the dates I selected. Or at least a link to the airline website would be helpful.

Currently, Whiskr can only search for flight deals originating from US airports. It would be nice in the future if Whiskr could expand to flights originating in other countries, like Europe and Central America.

Whiskr also has a section on City Guides. While I think the idea is great in concept, it just doesn’t have a lot of content at the moment, so it’s not very helpful.

Overall, I like Whiskr. Since Whiskr doesn’t earn commissions through flight sales or have advertisements, Whiskr does have a small service fee. It costs $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year to use. Considering you could potentially save hundreds a dollars a year on flights, the small fee to use Whiskr is worth it. People save on average about 46% on flights with Whiskr.

This post was brought to you in partnership with Whiskr. All my opinions are my own. 


  1. Nice review! I’ll be honest – I have never used whiskr, but I will definitely have to. Me and my wife are planning a little trip to different state, so I guess we’ll have chance pretty soon!

  2. Will be checking it out — honestly, next to actually flying itself, trying to research and book a flight is the biggest PITA there is about this lifestyle. You never know when the ‘right’ time is, and you don’t want to book because there might be a better deal later… yeah, it’s kind of a loop.

  3. Unfortunately, Whiskr doesn’t seem to be operational any longer. Some other great flight finding tools recently closed. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find decent airfare these days.

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