`{`img`}` travel costs by country

Cost is often the limiting factor in travel plans. Trust me, I totally understand. I want to do a million things in this world, but my bank account won’t let me. I’ve been known to impulse buy plane tickets when I come across an insane deal, but most of the time, I research the heck out of a place before I book my travels.

Until money starts growing on trees, my travel plans are limited by money. I always opt to go to regions that I can afford, like Central America, South East Asia, and Eastern Europe. My dollar goes much far there than in Paris or London. Since one of my favorite pastimes is googling for cost guides to exotic locations, I figured it was about time that I create my own.

I keep track of every dollar I spend while I travel in my journal. It helps me stay on budget. Sometimes I fail and overspend, but I take those lessons and apply them to my next trip.

Below you’ll find my collect of travel costs by country guides from my travels around the world. I hope they help you as you plan and budget for your dream vacation. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Disclaimer – These travel costs by country guides are accurate as can be, but both the exchange rates and costs change over time. Please use these as a guideline and always add about 20% more to your budget to cover price fluctuations and extras.