Sneak Peek: Photos of Spain

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I went from the “New World” to the “Old World” in a matter of days. After a whirlwind 72-hours home in Maine, I was jetting off again for my 6 weeks in Europe starting with Spain. Unfortunately my time in Spain was limited to only a day and a half in Madrid and 3.5 days in Barcelona before heading to Morocco.

Spain is a beautiful country even in the middle of the winter. I know I just barely brushed the tip of everything Spain has to offer, but it’s a very special place! I’m already planning my return visit for Summer 2017. There is just so much more to explore, wander, and eat and drink.

Photos of Spain

Royal Palace Madrid

Mounted guards protect the Royal Palace in Madrid

Bota bag Madrid

A traditional bota bag containing wine

Park Guell lizard Barcelona Spain photos of Spain

The infamous colorful lizard in Park Guell

Park Guell Barcelona photos of Spain

Drunk? No, the tilted archway of Park Guell

Sagrada Familia Barcelona photos of Spain

Colorful light shining through the stained glass windows of Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia Barcelona photos of Spain

I can’s get enough of these stained glass windows!

Sagrada Familia Barcelona photos of Spain

Last one, I promise!

What is your favorite photo(s) of Spain?


  1. I really like your one with the stained glass! I loved Spain when we went, it would be hard to choose a favourite picture though

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