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Sneak Peek: Morocco Photos

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Morocco photos message in a bottle

Bottle sans message on the beach in Agadir

Morocco has been on my travel “bucket list” for sometime. The colors, the noise, the people. It all sounded incredible. While I was planning my European travels this winter I thought it was good of time as ever to visit Morocco in hopes that it would be warmer than say Germany and Poland during March.

To my surprise, Morocco was the only place that I saw snow in Europe! Who would have predicted that? Definitely not me! I traveled to Morocco with UK travel company, Travel Talk Tours. Our itinerary focused mainly on the southern part of Morocco where we experienced the best of the Sahara Desert and the coast. I’m already planning my return to Morocco to explore the famous cities of Tangier, Casablanca, and Fes.

I have about 1,000 more photos to edit, but here are a few of my favorite photos so far. One of these even won me £35 in the weekly Travel Talk Tours photo contest. The timing couldn’t have been perfect since I was off to London right afterwards!

Atlas Mountains Morocco snow

African snow in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains

Tree pose Morocco Great Escape

Staying rooted overlooking the Sahara


Ain Ben Haddou Morocco

The famous Ain Ben Haddou, which has been the set for multiple movies and TV shows

Kitten Morocco photos

A little kitten basking in the sun

riding on top of cars Morocco photos

Can’t do this in the US! Riding on top of the 4×4 to our desert camp

sand dune Sahara Desert Morocco photos

Personally this is my favorite photo

camel Sahara Desert Morocco photos

The winning Travel Talk Tours photo contest photo – hello Mr. Camel

tree climbing goats Morocco photos

Can you see it? That’s a tree-climbing goat!

What’s your favorite Morocco photo(s)?


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      It was definitely a surreal experience to see snow in Morocco. I definitely wasn’t expecting it!

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