El Tunco El Salvador surfer sunset

Sneak Peek: Central America Photos

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Pacaya Volcano yoga Guatemala Great Escape

I have about a zillion photos to edit, especially now that I’m currently in Spain. However, between client work and experiencing the cities that I’m visiting, I don’t have a whole lot of time to edit photos. But, I did manage to upload all of them onto my computer without blowing my hard drive and edited a few of my favorites. Don’t worry, you’ll see much more and read all about my travels in the coming months.

Without further ado, here are my favorite Central America photos from my most recent travels in the region by country.


Pacaya Volcano Antigua Guatemala Great Escape

The top of Pacaya Volcano at sunset outside of Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua arch Guatemala

Classic tourist photo in front of the infamous arch in Antigua, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan sunset Guatemala

Lago de Atitlan at sunset

El Salvador

El Tunco El Salvador sunset Great Escape

One of the many epic sunsets in El Tunco, El Salvador

El Tunco El Salvador surfer sunset

Surfer enjoying the waves during sunset in El Tunco


Copan Ruinas Honduras Great Escape

Horseback riding in Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Utila Honduras sunset

The sunsetting over a sailboat in Utila, Honduras after a day of diving

What’s your favorite Central America photo(s) so far?

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