Photos of Prague

Photos of Prague: The Fairytale City of the East

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Photos of Prague

If you asked me to rank my favorite cities around the world, I’d probably give you a bewildered look. How darn you ask me my favorite cities or countries? That’s such a hard question to answer. It’s every travelers worst nightmare. However, I can tell you that Prague is one of my top favorite cities. I knew it was the second I emerged from the train station and made my way to my hostel as the sun began to set over the Charles Bridge. The architecture – Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and even a little Moorish Revival – it all pulled on my heart strings. Combine that with the tight cobblestone streets, street musicians playing for the gathering crowds, and friendly smiles of locals, I was in love.

Prague is commonly referred to as the fairytale city and as soon as you step out of the train station you’ll see why. At times I was half expecting to look over my shoulder and see Belle or Cinderella dancing and signing in the middle of the street instead of a bunch of American tourists snapping selfies on the Charles Bridge or the endless amounts of Asian newlyweds taking pictures in the Old Square.

If it wasn’t for my intense love for Belgium beer and chocolate, I probably would not have boarded my plane to Brussels. Prague is just too damn beautiful to not stay awhile. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so here is my long-winded story of my short time in Prague.

A Few of My Favorite Photos of Prague

Photos of Prague - Astronomical clock

Don’t be surprised by the large of Asian couples taking wedding photos in the Old Town Center. They clearly will have the best wedding photos around! I think they are on to something here.

Astronomical Clock - Photos of Prague

The face of the infamous Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Center of Prague. Get there early to beat the crowds.

Charles Bridge - Photos of Prague

One of the 30 Baroque statues on the Charles Bridge at sunset. The Charles Bridge spans over the Vltava River and was built between 1357 and 1402.

Photos of Prague

Prague is known as the “City of Thousand Spires.” How many can you count from this view on the Charles Bridge?

St. Vitus Cathedral - Photos of Prague

The Gothic architecture of St. Vitus Cathedral located in the Prague Castle Complex.

Photos of Prague

The Czech flag flying in the Prague Castle Complex during a military ceremony.

Prague Castle Military Band - Photos of Prague

The military band practicing during a military ceremony early in the morning.

Prague Castle Complex - Photos of Prague

Czech soldiers awaiting their next command during a military ceremony at the Prague Castle Complex in the early morning.

Photos of Prague

Prague high above from Letna Hill park.

Photos of Prague

The charming streets of Prague at dusk.

Photos of Prague - Old Town Square

Colorful buildings in the Old Town Square. Grab a beer or coffee and sit in the square for great people watching!

Jan Hus monument - Photos of Prague

The Jan Hus monument in the Old Town Square. Hus was a Czech priest and philosopher and a key predecessor of the Protestant movement of the 16th century.

Charles Bridge street musician - Photos of Prague

A street musician on Charles Bridge.

Are you ready to book your ticket to Prague now? What’s your favorite photo of Prague?

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