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How To Get Hundreds Back From The State Just For Paying Your Student Loans: The Educational Opportunity Tax Credit

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Do you want to see if you can get hundreds or possibly thousands back each year just for paying your student loans? Did you graduate from a Maine college or University after January 1, 2008? Do you work in Maine? Do you pay your student loans? If you answered yes to all of the above then…. Did you know the …

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Walking Amongst the Oldest Oak Trees in America – City Park, New Orleans

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New York has Central Park and San Francisco has the Golden Gate Park. But did you know that New Orleans has one of the oldest urban parks in the United States? Most tourists don’t make it past Bourdon Street or Saint Charles Street. I don’t blame them because the food and music could keep me there for days as well. …

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Walking in the Footsteps of the Vanderbilts – The Newport Mansions Tour

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Imagine this… You put on your fancy new fringed dress to match your “marcelled” hair that you spent hours perfecting. You walk down your fancy marble staircase to meet your husband dressed in coat-tails and a bow tie and take his arm. You arrive in the Grand Ballroom where your colorful guests are dancing the Charleston and sipping on Champagne and …

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10 Things To Do in Kennebunkport, Maine

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Kennebunkport, Maine is a quintessential seaside town in southern Maine. Thousands of tourists flock to the small coastal town to eat lobster and get a glimpse of the Bush family. After all, Kennebunkport is only about 90 minutes north of Boston and 30 minutes south of Portland. The town is more than just Presidential sightings and lobster though. There is …

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Green Animals Topiary Garden – Newport, RI

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The Green Animals Topiary Garden house is located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island not far from the mega-mansions of Newport. The Green Animal estate is nothing like the historical marble homes of the Vanderbilts and Astors, but offers something unique – the lust and colorful gardens. The small estate overlooking Narragansett Bay was purchased by Thomas E. Brayton in 1877. The estate contained a …

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Travel Tips for Poor College Students – Traveling the World on a Beer Budget

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There is a reason we have the phase “poor college students.” A large majority of college students don’t have any money and the ones that do tend to spend it on food and alcohol. College is extremely expensive in the United States and most of us pay for it through student loans only to be working our tails off after …

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Exploring the “City of the Dead” at New Orleans’ Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1

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New Orleans is home to many cemeteries, 42 of them to be exact! After all, it is a very old city. The above ground vaults have given New Orleans’ cemeteries the nickname of “cities of the dead.” The oldest cemeteries in New Orleans are known as the Saint Louis Cemeteries. There are three of them and they are creatively called St. …

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A Night in the Jungle at Tikal Inn, Guatemala

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For our one splurge night on our Belize/Guatemalan vacation, Lindsay and I stayed at the Tikal Inn in Tikal National Park in Guatemala. Tikal National Park is located in the Peten region of Northern Guatemala and is home to the largest excavated Mayan ruins. Only about 25-30% of the area is uncovered and the rest of the vast ruins lie …