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The entrance to Los Amigos Hostel in Flores, Guatemala

The entrance to Los Amigos Hostel in Flores, Guatemala

If you have find yourself in Flores, Guatemala (which I highly recommend that you do), then you must stay at Los Amigos Hostel. I’ve been to quite a few hostels over the years, and hands down, this hostel wins in many categories.

Los Amigos is located on Calle Central, or less than a 5 minute walk from the bus stop on Flores. Los Amigos was started in 2004 by Matthias, a native of Holland, and his friend Erica, who is behind the delicious menu at the restaurant. The staff at Los Amigos is quite friendly and most speak some basic English. However, I do recommend knowing some Spanish because I had some issues communicating with one of the bartenders who was not very nice to me. Overall, the staff is great.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant

Los Amigos has several different room options to meet your needs. Dorms are the cheapest at about $7.00 a night. Each dorm has about 10-12 bunks with clean sheets on arrival. The cost of a dorm room bed does not include a towel. If you feel like spending a couple extra bucks, then you can stay in the dorm deluxe rooms for about $9.00 a night. The dorm deluxe rooms have about 5-6 bunks with a private bathroom and hot shower in the room. The cost includes the use of a towel. Lindsay and I stayed in a deluxe dorm room and it was nice. We had several fans in the room and the shower had excellent pressure. I got stuck on a top bunk, which I found comfortable, but a bit wobbly. I felt bad for the girl on the bottom bunk because I move around a lot in my sleep.

Gallo Beer and the Night Lounge

Gallo Beer and the Night Lounge

If you’re looking for something a little more private, Los Amigos has both private rooms with shared bathrooms ($19.00/night) and private rooms with a private bathroom ($29.00/night). All the rooms have beautiful photos and/or art done by local travellers that have passed through the hostel over the years. The beds are also handcrafted by local artisans in the region.

Our Deluxe Dorm room

Our Deluxe Dorm room – No toliet paper in the toilet!

Los Amigos also has a spa, but neither of us went so I couldn’t tell you about it. However, I can tell you that the restaurant is fabulous. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We had dinner and drinks there on the night we got there with our British friend, Ben. I ordered the Coconut Milk Grouper Fish with steamed vegetables and rice. The fish is locally caught in the lake and was very tasty. If it was socially acceptable, I would have licked the plate clean. To drink, I had a mango vodka and Gallo, the local Guatemalan beer. The beer tasted similar to a Pilsner and was pretty good. And, it only cost $1.50! Actually, my whole dinner and two drinks cost me a whopping $12.00.

At 9:30pm the night lounge opens. The night lounge bartender walked around the restaurant while we were eating and handed out tickets stating “free Tequila shot with your first drink.” We didn’t take him up on the offer, but I’m sure a lot of people do. The night lounge was unique and if we weren’t exhausted from travelling all day we might have spent some time in there. The night lounge definitely had a hippie vibe with a beer pong table set up with some club music playing. I can only imagine things can get crazy in there.

Scenes from the common area

Scenes from the common area

What I really loved about the hostel was the common areas. It felt like you are in the jungle with trees growing in the middle of the patios with giant flora. There were even a few cats and dogs wandering around as well. Not sure who they belonged to, but they were friendly. There is even a pool table and hammocks for reading and napping in the common area.

You can’t beat the price or the atmosphere at Los Amigos. If you’re heading to Flores and Tikal then Los Amigos should be your base. You can check out their website at amigos hostel.com. It’s a must stay in my opinion! 🙂


  1. Los Amigos sounds and looks like my kind of hostel! I love staying at places with chill hippie vibes. I’m currently researching my upcoming travels to Guatemala and will definitely be staying at this hostel.

    Thanks for sharing your review and photos!

  2. Quick question for you… How did you get to Flores (via plane or bus)? And were there taxis or tuk-tuks from the bus terminal/airport that can bring you directly to the hostel?

    1. Author

      I landed in Belize City and took the “express” bus from Belize City to Flores. They marketed it as a nice bus, but it was really a tourist van. It cost $25 one-way. He dropped off us right in Flores, but even if the bus drops you off at the bus station, you can either walk or take a tuk-tuk across the bridge to Flores. There are several buses from Guatemala City that go to Flores. I personally haven’t taken one, but I know people who have. You can also fly from Guatemala City of Belize City, but obviously it’s going to cost way more. Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂

      1. Thanks Katelyn!

        I am finally going to Guatemala in November (next month already, it’s coming so fast!) and have booked my stay at Los Amigos. I am sure I will love it there.

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