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Photo Essay: The Incredible Biodiversity of Kakadu National Park

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[img] Kakadu National Park signSituated at the top end of the Northern Territory, Kakadu National Park is Australia’s largest national park covering close to 20,000 square kilometers. Made famous in the 1986 Crocodile Dundee movie, Kakadu National Park became a national park in 1979.

Kakadu National Park is a special place for many people. More than half the land belongs to the Aboriginal people, and you can see evidence of their existence in the area through the rock art seen throughout the park. It is believed that the Aboriginal people have lived in the region for over 50,000 years, making them the oldest culture in the world.

What truly amazed me about Kakadu National Park is the incredible biodiversity of the landscape and native wildlife. About one-third, or 280, different bird species call the park home. There are countless other animals, including at least 10,000 crocodiles, that live in the park.

As you can imagine, for a park that roughly half the size of Switzerland, the landscape is incredibly diverse throughout the park. From coastal mangroves to Lilly-covered billabongs to rainforests and open woodland, there are about 2,000 different plant species in the park.

It could take you weeks to explore even the most remote parts of Kakadu National Park, but my recent three-day tour with Jump Tours provided me a real glimpse of the incredible biodiversity of the national park. Just take a look below at some of the plants and animals I got to see!

The Birds

[img] Kakadu and Litchfield tours sea eagle

[img] Kakadu National Park Jabiru

[img] Kakadu National Park

The Animals

[img] kakadu and Litchfield tours Corroborate Billabong crocodile

[img] Kakadu National Park crocodile

[img] Kakadu National Park termites

[img] Kakadu National Park wild horses

The Aboriginal Art

[img] Kakadu National Park Aboriginal Rock Art

[img] Kakadu National Park Aboriginal Rock Art

[img] Kakadu National Park Aboriginal Rock Art

The Landscape

[img] Kakadu National Park lillies

[img] Kakadu and Litchfield tours birds

[img] Kakadu National Park Gunlom Falls

Kakadu National Park river

[img] Kakadu National Park Ubirr

Are you ready to book a trip to Kakadu National Park yet? It has been the highlight of my time in Australia so far! Book the three-day Kakadu & Litchfield Tour with Jump Tours and see the incredible biodiversity of Kakadu National Park with your own eyes.

A special thank you to Jump Tours for providing me a media discount. As always, you receive my honest opinion no matter who foots the bill. 

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