Also's House Kalambaka Greece

Hotel Review: Also’s House – Kalabaka, Greece

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Also's House Kalambaka Greece

Also’s House at Night (Photo Credit: Also’s House)

Greece has quickly become one of my favorite countries. The landscape and scenery are diverse and beautiful. The food is delicious and filling. The history is deep and hidden around every corner of the ancient country. But most of all, the people are the most generous and friendliest people I have met on my travels. Every where I traveled in Greece I was met with a friendly smile willing to point me in the right direction or give me advice on where to find the best gyro or secret spot to get the best photos of the Acropolis.

One of my favorite Greeks I met along my travels in Greece is Also, the owner of Also’s House in Kalabaka. I arrived in Kalabaka just before midnight on a Friday night. I was dehydrated, hungry, and exhausted from spending the past 7 days on a yacht sailing along the Saronic Islands and the past 5 hours on a long, crowded bus ride from Athens. I just wanted to take a real shower and fall into a real bed.

Also’s House is just a quick 5 minute walk up the back streets from the town square. Just look for the sandstone pillar rising high above the town and Also’s House is located just under its shadows. I stumbled towards the reception area praying that someone was still up and expecting my arrival. I met Also’s sister outside chatting with her neighbor. She greeted me with a smile and a big hello and shooed me inside where she called to her brother to come check me in for the night. Also came down from upstairs and welcomed me into his hotel for the weekend. Unfortunately there was a bit of a mix with my reservation and he didn’t have me on file. It was a holiday weekend for the Greeks so Meteora was full of tourists from near and far here to enjoy the majestic monasteries perched high above the cliffs in the clouds.

Also's House Kalambaka Greece

The beds in the superior family apartment

Also found me a room for night and told me he would figure out the following night in the morning. He carried my bags and walked me up to the second floor to my room overlooking the large balcony. The room was essentially a small studio apartment complete with a mini kitchenette, sitting area, modern bathroom, and large bedroom with a queen size bed and twin bed. I grabbed a fluffy white towel and immediately hopped in the shower for my first real hot shower in over a week. It felt glorious! As much as I loved being on a boat for a week, I really didn’t like being a bit stinky for the week.

After I felt clean for the first time in about a week, I fell face first into the bed. The beds are comfortable and clean. Everything you would expect from a family owned hotel. I slept well while my electronics charged for the night next to me in the outlets next to the bed. I woke up early in the morning to get ready for my hiking tour with Visit Meteora. Also’s House has excellent wifi and for the first time in a week I had a steady wifi signal to check my email. I had two emails from Chase saying I had fraud charges on my credit card and had to use the wifi to call them to cancel both my cards before meeting my tour guide. Unfortunately due to this little issue I missed the free breakfast. I was able to grab a cup of tea before I was picked up for the day though.

Also's House Kalambaka Greece

The reception area of Also’s House

After my hiking tour I came back to Also’s House to find out if I had a room for the night. Due to the holiday weekend and a mountain bike race in town, Also’s House was sold out for Saturday night, but Also said I could sleep on the couch in the reception area. It worked for me! I spent most of the afternoon before my sunset tour catching up on work on my computer. Also thought I looked hungry at one point and brought out some food his wife made for her family and gave me a bottle of water. When I needed a break from my work we would chat about life in Kalambaka. I felt like I was part of the family.

Also's House Kalambaka Greece

A homemade lunch from Also’s Wife

When I came back from my sunset tour around 8pm that night, Also made up the couch for me with some clean sheets, a couple of pillows, and a blanket. The area was quiet and open to everyone who was staying at the small hotel, but I didn’t see many people come and go. I was able to shower in the small bathroom and shower attached to the common area and I slept quite soundly. I was up around 4:30am to catch the first train back to Athens.

Also's House Kalambaka Greece

My other bed for the night.. very comfortable!

Also’s House has 10 guest rooms, free wifi, free parking and 24-hour reception. Also lives on the property with his family so you’ll see him around a lot with his little kids and wife. Also speaks excellent English and is extremely knowledgable about the area so fire away with all your questions. Rooms range from a single room for €40 to a superior family apartment (which I stayed in on Friday night) for €100 a night. You can’t beat the price at Also’s House.

If you’re heading to Kalabaka to visit Meteora then I highly recommend staying at Also’s House. Even though my reservation got messed up during my stay, Also went out of his way to make my stay the best that it could be. Additionally while I was there, a hotel guest became really sick. Also didn’t want to kick him out when his reservation was over and allowed the guest to stay longer. This meant that one of his other paying guests didn’t have a room so he booked her a room at the guesthouse next door and gave her a discount on her next night at his hotel. That’s the type of person Also is. He’s one of the most genuine and nicest guys I met along my travels and I can see why he has so many repeat customers at his hotel every year.

Also’s House is clean and located in a safe area of town (although the whole town is very safe). I had no problem walking around by myself at night. While I didn’t spend a whole lot of time in a single guest room, I did find the few hours I slept in one to be very comfortable, quiet, and clean. The shower had excellent pressure and the water was hot. But the best part of the hotel is definitely Also himself.

Hotel Quick Facts
  • Cost: €40 (single room) ranging up to about €100 (superior family apartment)
  • Location: Kanari 5, Kalabaka (about a 5 minute walk from the town center)
  • Nearby Attractions: The monasteries of Meteora, Byzantine Church, and Meteora Museum are all within walking distance.
  • Languages Spoken: English and Greek.
  • Payment: Cash or Credit Card (you can book online and pay upon arrival).
  • Pros: Budget-friendly, strong wifi, great location, friendly staff
  • Cons: Small; sells out fast on busy weekends

Visit MeteoraThank you to Visit Meteora for hosting me for the weekend. I absolutely fell in love with Meteora and will be back again soon. Like always, my opinions are 100% my own. 


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