Mexico City Cathedral hostel review

Hostel Review: Mexico City Hostel

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Mexico City Cathedral hostel review

I arrived in Mexico City after midnight so I wanted two specific things in my hostel. It needed to be secure and safe and close to the historic city center. I decided to spent my first two nights in Mexico City at the Mexico City Hostel.

It met both my requirements and its location was perfect for exploring the historic city center of Zocalo. Outside of its great location, the hostel is located inside a historic colonial building dating back to the 1700’s. Despite its age, the amenities and rooms are all modern and updated to the comforts you’re used to at home.

The Location

Mexico City Hostel is located just a block away from the central plaza of Zocalo. The hostel itself actually has two different hostels across the street from each other: the suites and the classic hostel. My taxi driver was able to find the hostel no problem. Both locations are very secure with gated entry where you need to be buzzed in and a nightly security guard. I felt very safe at the Hostel Classic where I stayed for two nights.

The Hostel Facilities

The hostel is located inside an old colonial building with 24 hour reception. Perfect for someone like myself who arrived around 1am. I was greeted with a smile and was given the key to my room. The hostel is spacious and inviting inside with local art hanging on the walls. Rooms were located on two different floors with both men’s and women’s bath and shower rooms down the hall.

Mexico City hostel review

The kitchen and dining room were large. A full breakfast spread is served daily and is included in the cost of the room. I was quite stuffed with a mixture of toast, eggs, and tea. Outside of the breakfast hours you can use the fully equipped kitchen, but I never needed to since the food is so cheap in Mexico City. There is another large common room with computers, a big screen TV, and bean bags. The hostel was quite quiet when I was there, but everyone was very friendly and we all chatted during breakfast.

The Rooms

The rooms are quite large. I opted to stay in an 8-bed female dorm. The first night only one other girl was in my room and the second night I had the room to myself. The beds were comfortable and I found the room to be fairly quiet. My room was located quite far from the bathroom, but other than that I had no problems. My room key stopped working at one point, but I think it was because I kept my room key close to my phone, which can sometimes deactivate cards.

The hostel has 8-bed mixed and female dorms, 12-bed mixed dorms, and private rooms so you have plenty of options for every budget. The showers were hot and I also found the bathrooms small, but clean. Rates range from MX$190 (~$11USD) for a 12-bed dorm to MX$600 (~$39USD) for a private room with en suite bathroom.

Mexico City hostel review

My Experience

I had a good experience at the Mexico City Hostel. I arrived around 1am on Saturday so I was quite happy to find a 24-hour reception with a friendly staff member and night security guard. The hostel was clean and spacious. It was also very quiet. Everyone seemed to keep to themselves for the most part, but were “chatty” during breakfast hour.

I was quite happy with breakfast. Food was cooked fresh right in front of you and you had a good range of options from eggs to toast to yogurt. I left feeling quite full. It was a good way to start a day of exploring. After I checked out of the hostel I was able to leave my backpack in their secure luggage storage. The wifi was quite good as well. I only brought my iPad with me so I can’t say if it was any good for actual computer work (i.e., uploading photos).

If you’re looking for a quiet, clean, and great location in the historic center of Mexico City then I do recommend staying at Mexico City Hostel. It’s very budget-friendly and secure. However, I would rate it as average as far as it comes to hostels I’ve stayed at our the world. If you’re looking for a bed to sleep in at night it’s perfect. However, if you’re looking to party or meet new friends then you might want to look elsewhere like the second hostel I stayed at – Hostel Suites DF.

Hostel Quick Facts

  • Location: República de Brasil 8 Col. Centro Histórico
  • Cost: Ranges from MX$190 for a 12-bed dorm to MX$600 private with an en suite bathroom
  • Nearby Attractions: Historic Center including the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, Plaza de la Constitucion, and Templo Mayor
  • Languages Spoken: Spanish, English
  • Payment: Cash, Credit Card
  • Pros: Great location, clean, quiet, free breakfast, secure
  • Cons: Room key didn’t work at one point, bathrooms are small

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