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Hostel Review: Home Plus Hostel – Budapest, Hungary

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Home Plus Hostel review Budapest

Looking for a clean hostel near the main attractions in Budapest? Look no further than Home Plus Hostel! Home Plus hostel is located in the heart of Budapest on the Pest side of the Danube River and just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Hungarian Parliament Building. I spent a lot of time researching and reading reviews of different hostels in Budapest and I finally settled on Home Plus because of its price, location, and great reviews. After two nights in the hostel, I can safety say that I had a pleasant stay and would definitely recommend the hostel to anyone.

Home Plus Hostel Budapest

The rustic and simple Home Plus Hostel

The Location

Home Plus Hostel is located near the Margaret Bridge and the Hungarian Parliament Building and just a block away from the banks of the Danube River. Additionally the hostel is located a few steps away from the most important tram lines in Budapest. The hostel is about a 5-7 minute walk from the Nyugati train, making it super easy to get to from the Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Downtown Budapest with all the main shopping and tourist hotels and restaurants is about a 20 minute walk from the hostel or you could hop on the tram located right outside the hostel doors.

Home Plus Hostel

Welcome to the Home Plus Hostel in Budapest!

The Hostel Facilities

Home Plus Hostel actually has two locations located right next to each other. When you make your booking with the hostel the confirmation email will direct you to which building your bed will located. The hostel is located within a historic building that has seen renovations in the recent years. You have to be buzzed into the building by the front desk of the hostel and then enter through a courtyard. The hostel has good security with two lock doors that require a security code and/or the staff buzzing you in at the door. Upon your check-in the staff will provide you the code for both doors. Each hostel location has a large common area and kitchen.

Home Plus Hostel Budapest

The entry and common room area of Home Plus Hostel

The hostel offers many other awesome features that you normally don’t see at hostels. There is free breakfast every morning of toast and jam, cereal, and fruit. There is free dinner every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night. Unfortunately I wasn’t there on any free dinner nights, but I hear it’s pretty good. Plus, you can’t beat free! There is free wifi throughout the hostel with great signal and there is plenty of free lockers to store your bags. Just bring a lock. The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and spoke good English. They answered my nine million questions and did my laundry. Laundry can be done for €8. Reception is open 24/7 and there is no curfew.

The Rooms

Home Plus Hostel offers several choices of available rooms. Rooms range from private doubles with en suite showers to 16-person dorm rooms. The private rooms and small dorm rooms are located in the original Home Plus location and the larger 16-person dorm rooms are in the newer location just next door. Each bunk comes prepared with sheets and a blanket on them meaning you don’t have to wrestle sheets on the top bunk. Hooray!

Home Plus Hostel Budapest

My comfortable bed for two nights

My Experience

I really enjoyed my stay at Home Plus Hostel. I stayed in one of the 16-person dorm rooms on a Sunday and Monday night in June. At most, I think there was 5 other people in my dorm room. There are three different dorm rooms in the new location. Each room is identified by a color. I stayed in the orange dorm. The bunks are constructed of plywood giving the rooms a bit of a rustic feel. Despite the monotone feel of the bunks, I found them to be sturdy and comfortable. Each bunk has its own small storage bin and privacy curtain. Along the edges of the walls are multiple large storage lockers that will fit a large backpack; just don’t think you’ll fit your suitcase in there.

Home Plus Hostel Budapest

Bunk for two?

I found the rooms to be quiet; however, if the hostel is full I have a feeling that it can get quite noisy. There are no fans, but the windows can be opened. Having the windows open was awesome because it was about 90 degrees and humid when I was in Budapest, but it was a bit noisy with the tram and sidewalks just outside the windows. There are two separate toilet and shower rooms that were all clean and modern. The only complain I would have about the toilets and showers is that there are too few of them. I didn’t have to wait in any long lines, but if the hostel was full then I’m sure there would be a line.

The staff was great. They answered my questions, did my laundry, and helped me purchase a ticket to one of the bath houses. While the free breakfast wasn’t anything to write home about, it was free and I didn’t have to purchase breakfast anywhere else. Overall, I enjoyed my stay at Home Plus and I would recommend it if you find yourself in Budapest anything soon.

Home Plus Hostel Budapest

The kitchen sign complete with the rules of Kings Cup! Cheers!

Hostel Quick Facts
  • Location: Balassi Balint Street 27, Budapest 5th district
  • Cost: Ranging from €13 (16-person dorm) to €50 (double private room)
  • Nearby Attractions: Margaret Bridge, Hungarian Parliament Building, Downtown Budapest
  • Languages Spoken: Hungarian and English
  • Payment: Cash (Hungarian Forint and Euros) and Credit Card
  • Pros: Location, free wifi, free breakfast and dinner, and friendly staff
  • Cons: Only two toilets and showers, noisy when windows open

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