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Hipmunk Hotels: Exploring Historic American Towns

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My heart will forever be with Maine. After all, it’s the place I was born and raised. However, the more I travel the more I realize the amazing places around the globe and within the United States. Can I live in all of them? Realistically no, but I might try.

One region of the world that has been able to capture my heart in recent years is the South. There is just something about sweet tea, grits, and a little southern charm that makes my heart swoon. Then again, it could just be the heat too. Most of my travel right now is focused halfway across the world, but I know when I do return to the States for an extended period of time, I plan to road trip through the South.

While not all these towns are in the South, they all have something in common – key American history events. I love history, especially early American history. And these towns are full of it!

Baton Rouge

While most people head straight to New Orleans (like I did), Baton Rouge is a lively hub of arts and culture. Baton Rouge is the capital city of Louisiana located inland on the Mississippi River. Due to its location, Baton Rouge became a key city during the Civil War where during the summer of 1862 the Confederate army tried in vain to retake the city. Today it is home to large universities and a thriving arts and theater scene.


Williamsburg, Virginia is a city I have dreamed of visiting ever since I got my American Girl doll, Felicity. My family and I almost went one year to look at colleges in the area, but then I decided to stay home to play Lacrosse instead. The historic city is still very much on my list of American cities to visit as it is one of the oldest cities in the country founded in 1632. Williamsburg is a small town of only about 16,000 people, but its historic importance outweighs its small population. I would love to stay at the Historic Powhatan Resort, a small boutique hotel located on an old plantation. Perhaps they will let me dress in time period fashion too?


Not quite in the South, but a very important historic town that tells the story of much of the American Civil War. It’s hard to believe this little town was home to one of the worst battles in history. While I could spend countless days exploring its Civil War history, Gettysburg is home to leisure activities like golf and hiking.


Home to the famous Masters Golf Tournament every year, Augusta, Georgia is nicknamed the “Garden City” because of its beautiful gardens that bloom every Spring. The large city is home to multiple historic districts with opulent homes similar to what you would find in Charleston, South Carolina. And you know how much I love Charleston!

Saint Augustine

While Florida is never high on my bucketlist. It’s not personal. Florida just doesn’t interest me much. That’s until I learned about St. Augustine. St. Augustine is a Floridan city filled with history. It is one of the three walled cities in North America (Charleston and Quebec City being the other two). Not to mention its one of the oldest as well. Between the history and the beach I just might have to book a ticket to Florida now. And the Casa Monica Hotel looks like a great place to stay.

While the history in the United States is not nearly as long as France and England, it is still fascinating and one I hope to explore more in the future.

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