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A Long Goodbye to Maine

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Portland Headlight Maine lighthouse

Dear Maine,

Goodbye Maine….

It’s not you. It’s me. I know, I know. That’s a totally overused excuse. But, you truly are amazing. I feel extremely blessed to have been born and raised in such a beautiful state. From your dramatic rocky coastlines to pine-covered mountain peaks to quiet lakes surrounded by small camps that have been in families for generations, your natural beauty is hard to beat.

You’ll always be my first love. After all, I had so many firsts within your borders. I learned to swim in Sebago Lake at my family’s camp that was in my family for over 60 years. I *almost* climbed your highest peak before my fear of heights caused me a mild panic attack and we had to turn back. But, I vow to return and reach the top. I learned the fine art of cracking a lobster shell and suckling on the pure gold found within it. I practiced my edging on your many famed ski mountains. Heck, I even taught at the mountain where I learned to make “pizza and french fries!”

Mount Kathadin Maine Goodbye Maine

How can I leave you ask? Well, the world is a big place and I only have one lifetime to explore it. I know you’ll always been there with your arms wide open when I need to come home to something familiar and calming. But, right now I need to find my place in this world. The past few years were not always happy. Your economy and job marketplace caused me great stress and boredom. I’m tired of working entry-level jobs with no room for advancement that leave me feeling like just another rat in the rat race to nowhere.

I need to spread my wings and fly. Who knows I might not end up far. Every year millions of birds fly south during the winter only to return again in the spring. I’m currently flying south. I need to see if the grass is greener on the other side. I know I’ll return someday. I’ll return a better person. With travel I’ve begun to develop and grow into the person I was meant to be. I’ve learned how strong and ambitious I truly am. I have the world at my fingertips and I’m ready to grab that opportunity and run with it as fast as I can.

Ocean Maine Bar Harbor

Maine, you’re my safety net. Your waves, swaying pine tree branches, and mosquitos lull me to sleep. I need to hear the chaos of the world. From honking horns at 3am to the calls to pray to the pumping discoteca music, my ears yearn to listen to the songs of the world. I know the kindness and friendliest of your people. I love walking down the street and being greeted with a “good morning” and warm smiles. Right now my ears are yearning to hear the sounds of “buenos dias,” “bonjour,” and “guten morgen.”

rock climbing Maine goodbye maine

Maine, we’ll meet again soon. You’re in my blood and forever in my heart. When I’m feeling down and lonely I’ll remember everything that you have to offer me. You are my home. Forever and always. Thank you for allowing me to call the world my home at the moment.

Goodbye Maine.




  1. Dear Katelyn,

    You bring a tear to my eye! I wish you nothing but the very best that life and all it has to offer, to the young, vibrant and strong woman that you have become. I look forward to reading/hearing of your future life adventures!!!

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