Charleston iron gate

Doors and Iron Gates of Historic Charleston, South Carolina

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The city of Charleston, South Carolina stole my heart in a matter of seconds. I had high expectations of this city that I often dream of visiting. There is just something about the South that makes this Yankee girls heart swoon at the site of Lilly Pultizer, sweet tea, and biscuits and gravy.

My three days in Charleston were short and I’m already counting down the days that I can fly south again to explore more of this charming historic city on the sea. I don’t think I can pick a favorite thing about Charleston, but the unique architecture is definitely high on the list. One of the things I most loved to photograph is the various doors and iron gates across the historic city that dates back to 1670. The city has seen numerous wars, fires, and earthquakes, but much of its original beauty has been restored and preserved over the centuries.

Here are a few of my favorite doors and gates across the city I while exploring the city on foot. Much of these homes can be found south of Broad Street where the cheapest homes go for over $2 million. Enjoy my photo tour!

Do you like photographing doors? What is your favorite thing to photograph?

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