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How to Get to Meteora from Athens

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Imagine a place where the cliffs rise high above the clouds and the sun’s rays bounce off the sandstone rock pillars reflecting a godly glow. The pillars break through the dusty brown valley like fingers reaching for the sky. High above the clouds perched on these rock cliffs are centuries old monasteries built by monks who trekked to the region to …

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Want to Go to Australia for FREE? Enter the Go Overseas’ Work and Play in Australia Contest

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Next year I am embarking on my Great Escape come hell or high-water. While I am content with my life at the moment, I’m ready for something different. I want to explore the world and see where my path goes. I’ve had a tentative plan in my head for quite sometime now, but after my recent trip to Europe, I’ve …

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Sailing the Saronic Islands of Greece with MedSailors: An Epic Adventure on the Jackpot

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Visiting Greece has always been a dream. It’s rich in history, art, and olive oil. I’ve dreamed of riding a donkey up the steep hills of Santorini amongst the white houses with their bright blue roofs for years. I pictured the markets filled with octopus and fish awaiting an old Greek woman to barter with the fisherman for her family …

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A is for Athens (Greece)

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As I exited the airport I was immediately hit with a wave of intense heat and humidity. The arrival entrance of the Athens International Airport was pure chaos. People were milling around looking for their loved ones, sprinting to the departing bus or wheeling their metals carts with towers of teetering luggage bags. My eyes were searching for the hidden …

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Exploring the Ancient City of Pompeii

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I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Venice, saw some of the world’s best Renaissance art in Florence, pretended I was in Under the Tuscan Sun, and explored the ancient ruins of the Colosseum and Palatine, but my absolute favorite part of my trip to Italy was walking through Pompeii. Pompeii is located near the seaside city of Naples about 150 …