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How To Get Your FREE Credit Score

In Finance, Money, Personal Finance by Katelyn1 Comment

Unfortunately, throughout life we are often defined by numbers. In high school we are defined by our GPA. When we are applying to college we are defined by our SAT scores. In life we are defined by our credit score. Whether you think it is fair or not, your credit score can and will affect your life decisions. What is …

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How I Saved $70 a Month on My Cell Phone Bill with Republic Wireless!

In Debt, Debt-Free Living, Finance, Frugal Living, Money, Personal Finance, Savings, Student Loans by Katelyn4 Comments

One day this past Fall I woke and realized at age 26 I needed to get my life together financially if I wanted to pursue both my passion of travel and also return back to graduate school for my PhD studies. I’ve never been bad with budgeting and finance, but I’ve never been extremely good either. Back in October I …