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How to Find Cheap Flights

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Many people, especially Americans, believe vacations are expensive. A 2013 American Express survey revealed that the average cost per person for a summer vacation within the United States is $1,145. And that’s just within the United States. That cost alone is probably what a plane ticket to Europe will cost during the summer months. With the evolution of community sharing …

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How To Get Your FREE Credit Score

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Unfortunately, throughout life we are often defined by numbers. In high school we are defined by our GPA. When we are applying to college we are defined by our SAT scores. In life we are defined by our credit score. Whether you think it is fair or not, your credit score can and will affect your life decisions. What is …

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Top Posts of 2014

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Happy Boxing Day! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Hanukkah this year. 2015 is right around the corner. It’s amazing how fast time flies by these days. Actually, it’s kind of scary! As much as I can’t wait for my next big trip to arrive, I also enjoy slowing down and enjoying my time and living in the …

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How To Get Hundreds Back From The State Just For Paying Your Student Loans: The Educational Opportunity Tax Credit

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Do you want to see if you can get hundreds or possibly thousands back each year just for paying your student loans? Did you graduate from a Maine college or University after January 1, 2008? Do you work in Maine? Do you pay your student loans? If you answered yes to all of the above then…. Did you know the …

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Travel Tips for Poor College Students – Traveling the World on a Beer Budget

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There is a reason we have the phase “poor college students.” A large majority of college students don’t have any money and the ones that do tend to spend it on food and alcohol. College is extremely expensive in the United States and most of us pay for it through student loans only to be working our tails off after …

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How I Saved $70 a Month on My Cell Phone Bill with Republic Wireless!

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One day this past Fall I woke and realized at age 26 I needed to get my life together financially if I wanted to pursue both my passion of travel and also return back to graduate school for my PhD studies. I’ve never been bad with budgeting and finance, but I’ve never been extremely good either. Back in October I …