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Discover San Francisco’s Unique Architecture

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San Francisco is a popular travel destination for many reasons. From the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and old cable cars to the delicious restaurants and cafes, there’s a reason more than 18 million people visit “The City by the Bay.” I’ve traveled to enough places to know what I like and don’t like about cities. One part that will either …

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Finding Heaven in the Sierra Nevada – South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Lake Tahoe is a popular destination year-round because it offers incredible adventures for outdoors lovers, from the high mountains to the lake. Lake Tahoe is well known for its skiing during the winter months. Don’t be surprised to see a mad rush of traffic heading in that direction on a Friday night. South Lake Tahoe is located along the southern …

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Hipmunk Hotels: California Dreaming

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California – the land of promise for thousands of people. To be honest California has never really interested me. I could care less about the Hollywood lifestyle. I’d much rather enjoy the outdoors smog and botox free. But, recently California has peaked my interest. My youngest sister recently moved to Orange, California for pharmacy school and now that I have …