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Great Escape Month Three Review: March 2016

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March was an incredible month of travel starting with a colorful sunrise in the Sahara Desert of Morocco to celebrating my 29th birthday in London to having a minor anxiety attack climbing the Eiffel Tower to drinking beers with my Scottish roommates in Munich. As much as I fell in love with Europe and enjoyed the centuries-old architecture and cobblestone …

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Horseback Riding in Iceland with Ishestar

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Did you know Iceland has its own breed of horses? They are called Icelandic horses. I know, I know. Really original, huh? But, Icelandic horses are definitely a unique breed. So what makes them unique? Well, a few reasons. First, they are really the size of a pony. But, don’t call them ponies or people will be offended. I learned …

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Sneak Peek: London Photos

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London has always been on my list since I have so many friends living in the Big Smoke. I conveniently schedule London to fall over my birthday as I wanted to celebrate amongst some familiar faces. Although, I’m really not a birthday person. I’d rather just quietly welcome in the new year and deny the fact that I’m getting old. …

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Great Escape Month Two Review: February 2016

In Andorra, Central America, Europe, Great Escape, Guatemala, Honduras, Morocco, Spain by KatelynLeave a Comment

February brought me from Central America to Maine to Europe to Africa. It was a whirlwind month of travel and fun. Just thinking back on it makes my head spin. I spent time scuba diving in Honduras, trekking the highlands of Guatemala, eating authentic Spanish tapas, and saw African snow in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. While each experience was …

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Sneak Peek: Photos of Spain

In Europe, Spain by Katelyn1 Comment

I went from the “New World” to the “Old World” in a matter of days. After a whirlwind 72-hours home in Maine, I was jetting off again for my 6 weeks in Europe starting with Spain. Unfortunately my time in Spain was limited to only a day and a half in Madrid and 3.5 days in Barcelona before heading to …

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My 15 Favorite Travel Moments of 2015

In Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Europe, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Mexico, Montreal, South Carolina, United States, Washington DC by KatelynLeave a Comment

2015 was a great year for me in terms of travel. My travels brought me to two continents, seven new countries and many new cities. While I love new stamps in my passport (which I also had to get a new one once I got home from Europe in June), travel isn’t about how many countries I can cramp into …

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My 12 Favorite Travel Photos of 2015

In Austria, Belgium, Charleston, Czech Republic, Europe, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Mexico, Photography, United States by Katelyn1 Comment

As 2015 comes to a fast close (where did the year go?), I’ve begun my annual reflection of the year. While I’ve been incredibly busy with projects and work lately, I’ve also begun the long process of getting ready to move halfway across the globe. So many things to do on my “to-do” list and it keeps growing! While I …

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Natural Iceland: The Surreal Landscape

In Europe, Iceland, Photography by Katelyn6 Comments

  Iceland. There are no words for the raw beauty of this sub-Arctic island. Actually, I think Stephen Markley says it best in his book, Tales of Iceland or “Running with the Huldufolk in the Permanent Daylight: “The problem with driving around Iceland is that you’re basically confronted by a new soul-enriching, breath-taking, life-affirming natural sight every five goddamn minutes. …

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Hostel Review: Hostel Santini – Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague is every bit the enchanting fairytale city people make out to be. While the history, culture, and architecture is rich, the city itself is relatively cheap. Skip Paris and London and head to Prague if you’re looking to save some money. Hostels in Prague are cheap. After traveling around Western Europe, hostel prices on par with Central American prices …

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Photos of Prague: The Fairytale City of the East

In Czech Republic, Europe by Katelyn1 Comment

If you asked me to rank my favorite cities around the world, I’d probably give you a bewildered look. How darn you ask me my favorite cities or countries? That’s such a hard question to answer. It’s every travelers worst nightmare. However, I can tell you that Prague is one of my top favorite cities. I knew it was the …