Hungarian Parliament Building

Budapest at Night: The Hungarian Parliament Building

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Budapest at night

After 10 fabulous days in Greece it was finally time to leave my new favorite country and head north to Budapest, Hungary. My first Ryanair flight was uneventful. Although I’m still confused by the perfume sales…. Who buys perfume on an airplane? 

I arrived at the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in the late afternoon and took the public bus to the metro station and finally the metro to my hostel near the Parliament Building. Did you know that the Budapest metro system is the second oldest in the world? Yeah, me neither. Wikipedia for the win!

By time I arrived at Home Plus Hostel and settled in after a long day of travel, night had fallen and I was ready for dinner. My stomach started to growl and I knew it was time to adventure out and explore a little bit of Budapest before coming back to my hostel for work and ultimately passing out after only sleeping about an average of 4-5 hours a night for the past 10 days. I asked the front desk person for dinner suggestions. I wanted traditional Hungarian food, but on a budget price. He suggested Lecso just down the street from my hostel.

traditional Hungarian food

My traditional Hungarian dinner

The restaurant wasn’t far and was easy to spot from across the street. The owner greeted me at the door and sat me outside at a small table for two. Thankfully they had free wifi and I was able to check in at home and let them know I was still alive. I asked my waitress what she recommended for traditional Hungarian food. She came back with a dish of pancakes, meat, and potatoes. I’m not 100% sure what I ate; I just know that it wasn’t fried brain, cock testicles or veal feet, which were all options on the menu.

After stuffing my face with food, I paid my bill and walked towards Margaret Bridge to get a glimpse of the Hungarian Parliament Building at night. I had seen pictures of the building lit up at night on social media and other travel blogs so I was excited to see it for myself in person. A few people were milling around the bridge enjoying the humid summer night.

Hungarian Parliament Building

The Hungarian Parliament Building at night

I walked the length of the bridge dodging the random car that would pass by scoping out the best spot to take pictures of the Parliament Building and the Danube River. The Parliament Building was everything I pictured it to be and more. I’m a total sucker for architecture, especially at night when every intricate design feature is highlighted by the gentle glow of yellow. I only wish I could have seen the building lit up with other colors that occasionally happen during holidays and special events.

Hungarian Parliament Building

The Hungarian Parliament Building with the Chain Bridge in the background

Budapest at night is alluring. Not only is the Hungarian Parliament Building lit up for the world to see, but the Chain Bridge and Buda Castle on the opposite side of the Danube River. If you find yourself in Budapest at night, I highly recommend taking a stroll down by the Danube and experience the wonders of this beautiful city.

Have you seen the Hungarian Parliament at night?


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