[img] things to do in Alice Springs

Top 10 Things to Do in Alice Springs, Australia

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[img] things to do in Alice Springs

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People often come to Alice Springs as a starting point to their Uluru trip and then quickly leave just as fast as they came. That’s a big mistake. Alice Springs has lots to offer travelers regarding history, food, and activities.

Alice Springs is one of Australia’s most popular Outback towns. With deep pioneer roots, this historic red center town is the gateway to Australia’s Red Center and the Northern Territory. Before embarking on your road trip to Uluru, discover the epic history of how Alice Springs was discovered and marvel at the beauty of Aboriginal art at one of the many art galleries downtown.

Alice Springs has no shortage of fun things to do to keep you busy for a couple of days to a week. From visiting the famous Kangaroo Sanctuary to climbing the top of ANZAC Hill for stunning views of the town below, here are ten things to do in Alice Springs.

The Best Things to Do in Alice Springs

Visit the Kangaroo Sanctuary

[img] Kangaroo Sanctuary things to do in Alice SpringsFancy a cuddle with a baby kangaroo? Head to the Kangaroo Sanctuary, home to Kangaroo Dundee and Roger. Established in 2005, Brogla, the star of the BBC UK/National Geographic documentary Kangaroo Dundee, runs a kangaroo sanctuary just outside of town open to the public several nights of the week. Follow Brogla around on this 2.5-hour tour and meet his mob of rescues while learning about one of Australia’s most famous native animals.

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Hike ANZAC Hill

Located on the edge of downtown Alice Springs, ANZAC Hill is a popular landmark. The small hill offers panoramic views of the town and surrounding mountain ranges. The ANZAC Hill Memorial on top of the hill was opened in April 1934 to honor those who lost their lives in World War I. Hike up just in time to take in a lovely sunset over Alice.

Visit the Alice Springs Telegraph Station

[img] Telegraph Station things to do in Alice SpringsDiscover Alice Spring’s unique pioneer history at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station. Situated about 4km from downtown, the Telegraph Station is an easy walk or drive from town. Established in 1871 to relay telegraph messages from Darwin to Adelaide, the Telegraph Station was the first European settlement in the area. Guided tours with friendly and knowledge staff are available throughout the day.

Visit the Royal Flying Doctor Service

[img] Royal Flying Doctor Service things to do in Alice SpringsLiving in the Australian Outback has its disadvantages. If you get hurt, it can quickly be a life or death situation with no hospitals or doctors for thousands of kilometers. Enter the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Founded in 1928 by Reverend John Flynn, the Royal Flying Doctor Service is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organizations providing primary care and 24-hour emergency service to people over 7.3 million square kilometers. Stop by the small museum in Alice Springs to learn more about this incredible and vital service.

Search for Wildlife in the Alice Springs Desert Park

Just 10 minutes from the center of Alice Springs, the Alice Springs Desert Park is one of the best places to see native Australian wildlife. With over 3,000 acres, this park offers three separate walk-through desert habitats. Discover native desert fish and birds in the desert rivers habitat and numerous nocturnal reptiles, mammals, and birds in the Nocturnal House.

View Colorful Aboriginal Art along the Todd Mall

Todd Mall is home to numerous Aboriginal art galleries. Many of the pieces go for hundreds to thousands of dollars making the incredible art unaffordable to many, but it is absolutely worth it to spend an afternoon taking in the amazing art. Mbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery is one of the most popular galleries amongst the tourist and is home to pieces from over 200 artists from the Utopia region (northeast of Alice Springs).

Take a Tour to Uluru

[img] Uluru things to do in Alice SpringsYou can’t come to Alice Springs without taking a tour of majestic Uluru. Alice Springs is home to many tour companies that will take you to Uluru for the day or multiple days. If you head to Uluru, then you must also visit Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. Tours range from big bus one day tours to three-day backpacker camping trips to luxury 5-star tour packages. Whatever your budget, you’ll find the perfect tour for you.

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Visit The School of Air

Similar to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the School of Air is an Outback legend. The School of Air is the world’s largest classroom covering more than 1.3 million square kilometers. For over 60 years children of the remote Outback have received educational lessons over two-way radios. Discover the early history and visit one of the local schools in Alice Springs.

Visit the Alice Springs Reptile Center

Australia is home to a variety of reptiles. If you’re interested in meeting some of Australia’s most deadly and friendly reptiles, then head over to the Alice Springs Reptile Center. Meet Terry, the saltwater crocodile and hundreds of different native geckos in the specially built Gecko Cave. If you’re brave, you can even hold one of the various reptiles!

Hike the Larapinta Trail

[img] Larapinta Trail things to do in Alice SpringsFlickr image by Andrew Dolman

The Larapinta Trail is a 223-kilometer trail through the West MacDonnell Ranges. Divided into 12 sections the trail is a popular bushwalking destination for locals and tourists from around the world. Whether you prefer to hike one or all sections of the trail, you’ll be in awe of the stunning gorges, climbs, and views from the trail. Due to the remoteness and climate of the trail, it is important that you are prepared for this hike.

For a small Outback town, there is an incredible range of things to do in Alice Springs. From art to culture to outdoor fun, you’ll have something to keep you busy in this charming Outback town. Make sure Alice Springs is on your Australia travel itinerary today.


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