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Hiking Pacaya Volcano in Antigua, Guatemala

In Central America, Guatemala by Katelyn0 Comments

Antigua is small Spanish colonial city nestled in southern Guatemala surrounded by active volcanoes. From the top of Cero de la Cruz, the small hill just outside of town, you can see the three main volcanoes looming in the background. The most prominent, Volcan de Agua, rises over 12,000 feet just south of the city. To the west sits Acatenango …

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Hostel Review: El Hostal in Antigua, Guatemala

In Central America, Guatemala, Hostel Reviews by Katelyn2 Comments

Antigua is a popular tourist destination in Guatemala, so there are plenty of accommodation options ranging from four-star hotels to party hostels. You’ll have no problem finding something in your budget. As a slightly older backpacker, I avoid party hostels at all costs. You won’t find me at Jungle Party Hostal anytime soon! After reading a bunch of reviews and …

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Great Escape Month Two Review: February 2016

In Andorra, Central America, Europe, Great Escape, Guatemala, Honduras, Morocco, Spain by Katelyn0 Comments

February brought me from Central America to Maine to Europe to Africa. It was a whirlwind month of travel and fun. Just thinking back on it makes my head spin. I spent time scuba diving in Honduras, trekking the highlands of Guatemala, eating authentic Spanish tapas, and saw African snow in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. While each experience was …

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A Night in the Jungle at Tikal Inn, Guatemala

In Guatemala, Travel by Katelyn0 Comments

For our one splurge night on our Belize/Guatemalan vacation, Lindsay and I stayed at the Tikal Inn in Tikal National Park in Guatemala. Tikal National Park is located in the Peten region of Northern Guatemala and is home to the largest excavated Mayan ruins. Only about 25-30% of the area is uncovered and the rest of the vast ruins lie …

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How Much Does a Vacation in Belize Cost? A Breakdown of My Trip Expenses

In Belize, Central America, Guatemala, Travel by Katelyn5 Comments

  Belize is one of the more expensive Central American countries along with Costa Rica and Panama. Like any touristy area, there is a high and a low season with prices to match. Lindsay and I traveled to Belize during the “shoulder” season between high and low season. Low season usually begins when the rainy season starts in Central America …

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Day 3: Tikal, Guatemala to Belize City

In Belize, Guatemala, Travel by Katelyn4 Comments

My alarm went off at 3:40am to prepare for the sunrise tour of Tikal that left our hotel, the Tikal Inn, at 4:00am. However, when I rolled over to shut off my alarm, I realized that it was pouring buckets out. I got up and put my contacts in while Lindsay’s alarm went off about 10 minutes later. We decided …

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A Quick Guide to Tikal National Park

In Guatemala, Tikal National Park, Travel by Katelyn10 Comments

If you ever find yourself in Western Guatemala then you absolutely must go to Tikal National Park! It’s like stepping back in time to an ancient civilization and seeing history unfold in front of your eyes. Tikal National Park is located in the heart of the jungle in the Peten Department of Northwestern Guatemala. Tikal is located about 64 km …

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Day 2: Flores to Tikal

In Flores, Guatemala, Tikal National Park, Travel by Katelyn5 Comments

After a goodnight’s sleep at Los Amigos, we woke up and headed out to explore Flores for a few hours and grab breakfast. Flores is a small island so you can’t really get lost. You just have to watch out for tuk-tuk’s and trucks moving quickly over the cobblestone streets. Lindsay had an idea of a few breakfast places she …