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20 Random Things About Me

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You would think because I have a blog (two actually) that I am open about who I am as a person. Yet, in real life, I’m more reserved and keep a lot of things private. This is definitely the case in my professional life. I like to keep my private life private while at work. But sometimes, it’s a good …

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Escaping the Hustle and Bustle of NYC: Central Park Adventures

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Skyscrapers. The Brooklyn Bridge. The Yankees. The Statute of Liberty. Times Square. And Central Park. New York City is home to thousands of famous landmarks, people, food, and sports teams. NYC is also home to the world-famous Central Park. Central Park is often noted as the “lungs of New York” because the park encompasses over 800 acres of meadows, trees, …

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Sunday Postcard – December 7, 2014

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Sunday Postcard Updates Last week while my site was apparently down, I was roadtripping around the beautiful little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called Sao Miguel with some new-found friends. Sao Miguel is part of the 9 Azores Islands, an archipelago about 1200 miles off the coast of North America that belongs to Portugal. Look for some …

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Exploring Montreal in 48 Hours

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Montreal is a short 5+ hour drive from Portland, Maine. Five hours may seem like a long time for you city slickers, but in Maine, 5 hours is nothing. It takes 2 hours to get to Bangor or 3.5 hours to get to beautiful Bar Harbor and Downeast Maine. Hell, it takes 7+ hours to drive from Portland to Fort …

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Sunday Postcard – November 23, 2014

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Sunday Postcard   Updates On Tuesday I’m jumping on a plane and heading to the small island of Sao Miguel (Portugal) in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The weather forecast is not looking so good at the moment, but I’ll make the best of it! This is my first official solo trip so I’ve very excited. If you’ve been …

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Basking in the Blue Light of the Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal

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Montreal has historically been a Catholic city. It was first settled in the mid-1600s as a Catholic mission to evangelize the natives. Today, about 70% of its residents identify themselves as Catholic and the city is quite populated with churches. I can actually track my grandfather’s (father’s father) side of the family back to the late 1600s in Montreal and …