How To Get Hundreds Back From The State Just For Paying Your Student Loans: The Educational Opportunity Tax Credit

opportunity tax credit sample worksheet

Do you want to see if you can get hundreds or possibly thousands back each year just for paying your student loans? Did you graduate from a Maine college or University after January 1, 2008? Do you work in Maine? Do you pay your student loans? If you answered yes to all of the above […]

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The Millennial Spectrum: Are You Wealthier Than Your Friends?

millennial wealth comparison

Did you know according to a recent Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances that if you are a millennial (under age 35) and have a net worth of $10,400 you are wealthier than half of your generation? There are roughly about 74.3 million people aged 18-34 years old living in the United States at the […]

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Walking in the Footsteps of the Vanderbilts – The Newport Mansions Tour

The Breakers Newport, RI

Imagine this… You put on your fancy new fringed dress to match your “marcelled” hair that you spent hours perfecting. You walk down your fancy marble staircase to meet your husband dressed in coat-tails and a bow tie and take his arm. You arrive in the Grand Ballroom where your colorful guests are dancing the Charleston […]

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