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Boutique Hotels in Pismo Beach, California

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Have you ever heard of Pismo Beach? I bet you have. Pismo Beach, California has been mentioned in several television shows and movies over the years, like The Big Lebowski, Clueless, Ali Baba Bunny, and even I Love Lucy. Located on the central coast of California, Pismo Beach is really just a small beach town famous for its clams. During …

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Welcome to Australia Mate: My Experience with UltimateOz

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I finally made it to Australia! It’s wonderful. There are loads of kangaroos hopping around, spiders bigger than my head, and, of course, gorgeous blond surfer dudes everywhere throwing back Fosters. Just kidding. About the kangaroos and surfer dudes. The verdict is still out about the spiders… Remember a long time ago I won this really awesome contest with Go …

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Horseback Riding in Iceland with Ishestar

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Did you know Iceland has its own breed of horses? They are called Icelandic horses. I know, I know. Really original, huh? But, Icelandic horses are definitely a unique breed. So what makes them unique? Well, a few reasons. First, they are really the size of a pony. But, don’t call them ponies or people will be offended. I learned …

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Hostel Review: Suites DF Hostel

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Mexico City is a massive city so it’s tough to pick a safe neighborhood that is near everything you want to see and do in the city. If you’re looking for any recommendations then check out my recent 5 things you must see in Mexico City guide for some ideas. After staying at the Mexico City Hostel for two nights …

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5 Things You Must See in Mexico City

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Situated in the Valley of Mexico at over 7,000 feet, Mexico City is the 5th most populated city in the world with over 17 million people. The city is overwhelming to say the least. The noise. The smells. The crowds. As a first timer I struggled with the city. It was massive. I got strange stares and hissed at by …

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Sneak Peek: London Photos

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London has always been on my list since I have so many friends living in the Big Smoke. I conveniently schedule London to fall over my birthday as I wanted to celebrate amongst some familiar faces. Although, I’m really not a birthday person. I’d rather just quietly welcome in the new year and deny the fact that I’m getting old. …

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Why I Travel: In Remembrance of my Mom

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People always like to ask me why I travel. I travel for a lot of reasons. To expand my knowledge. To experience new cultures. New foods. New landscapes. To grow as a human being. To meet new people. The list could go on and on. But, the real reason I travel is… because of my mom. March 24, 2009 forever …

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Hipmunk Hotels: Discovering Georgia’s Peaches

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I haven’t been to Georgia yet. It’s a bit surprising since I have friends that live in Atlanta, it’s the center of the Public Health world, and my all-time favorite book is Gone with the Wind. Why haven’t I been to Georgia yet?! Georgia is a state with a deep-rooted history. It’s famous for its historic plantations, peaches, and it’s …

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Sneak Peek: Morocco Photos

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Morocco has been on my travel “bucket list” for sometime. The colors, the noise, the people. It all sounded incredible. While I was planning my European travels this winter I thought it was good of time as ever to visit Morocco in hopes that it would be warmer than say Germany and Poland during March. To my surprise, Morocco was …

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Great Escape Month Two Review: February 2016

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February brought me from Central America to Maine to Europe to Africa. It was a whirlwind month of travel and fun. Just thinking back on it makes my head spin. I spent time scuba diving in Honduras, trekking the highlands of Guatemala, eating authentic Spanish tapas, and saw African snow in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. While each experience was …