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I’m just a 20-something girl living in the state of Maine who is passionate about being active outdoors, triathlons, nutrition, and science. I have a Master’s in Public Health and a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry. I currently work in the healthcare technology industry working on healthcare reform in a nonprofit. Outside of my 9-5 job, I work as a personal trainer, triathlon coach, and spin instructor at Big Sky Multisport Coaching & Personal Training. My dream career is to work in international public health so I can travel the world and play a small role in changing the healthcare delivery system in developing counties.

This blog is my journey through life as I put my ducks in a line to achieve my goals. I desire to living frugally so I can pay off my $40,000 of student loans and to travel to new places far and near. I desire to live with passion to help my friends and family as well as strangers. I desire to live with intelligence to make the world a better place. I desire to live life with as much love and vigor as possible.


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